Super Easy Hooded Towel Tutorial

These towels are super easy....what a great gift idea! We bought our towels on sale at Shopko for $2.99. We decided instead of using a hand towel for the hood that it was cheaper for us to buy 1 extra- large towel and cut it into 4 strips to make us 4 hoods. You can make 4 hooded towels with 5 large towels and all for under $20.

What you need:
  • 5 Large Towel--27" X 52 1/2" (5 large towels will make 4 hooded towels).
  • Matching Thread
  • Scissors
  • Decorative ribbon

1. Cut 4 strips 10" X 27" from one of the towels. The strips will be used to sew the hoods on all 4 of the hooded towels:

2. Take 1 of the strips cut from step 1, and fold it in half with right sides together.
3. Start sewing around rough edge. Come 4 inches in from the edge and sew a small triangle. Cut off triangle, making sure to not cut through sewn edge (this will be the back of the hood).

4. Pin middle of hood to the middle of a large towel (Make sure to pin the towel right sides together).
5. Sew along to connect the hood to the large towel.

6. Feel free to add any embellishments....adding a strip of ribbon across the top of the hood makes for a cute embellishment. If you are lucky enough to have access to an embroidery machine you can embroider a name or initials on the hood or back of the towel. These are fun and quick to make.


Driftwood Girl said...

LOVE this project! Will have to see if I'm brave enough. I'm brand new to sewing :)

SUE said...

I love this! I can't wait to try it...going to the store to buy some towels...thanks for showing the 5 for 4 idea!